Manual Data Entry

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Manual Data Entry

Businesses need to capitalize on data to streamline operations and improve their performance. With its manual data entry or automated data entry services, Idataentry aims to simplify the task of data entry and entering details for indexing. Backed by a dedicated team of highly skilled and experienced data entry experts, we make manual data capture quite easy, support businesses in fetching data from handwritten, printed and typed documents, and any preferred file formats like JSON, Excel, XML or TXT.

We provide Manual Data Entry or Automated Data Entry services in top states of the USA, like Virginia, Texas, Georgia, Washington, New Jersey, California, New Mexico, Mississippi, Florida, Indiana, New York, Michigan, Illinois and Pennsylvania.

Manual Data Entry
Data entry services are a basic requirement for any business in this fast growing digital world. Data entry is a manual task, but nowadays, it is found in automated form in various commercial data entry companies. Data entry work manually can be time consuming, but for certain specific documents like ancient scripts, handwritten documents, medical entries etc., it is advised to go for manual data entry services. It will give you high-quality results as the data entry work is done by professional experts.

Idataentry is recognized as the most reliable and efficient outsourcing destination for global clients from USA, Canada, UAE, Australia, UK, France, etc. in various industries like Education, Research, e-commerce, Legal, Medical, Real Estate, Agriculture, Financial is believed.

Outsource your manual data entry services to professional data entry operators and rely on their excellent performance. We are a certified and highly reliable outsourcing company based on data entry. We provide top class quality manual data entry or automated data entry services at affordable prices and prompt delivery of results to suit your business needs. If you want to achieve your desired goals and achieve higher core efficiencies, then outsource manual data entry or automated data entry services to our company today!

Data We Provide
We can provide the following services with manual data entry and automated data entry:
• Database Data Entry
• Graph Data Entry
• Handwritten Documents Data Entry
• Image to Excel Data Entry
• Legal Documents Entry
• Manuscripts Data Entry
• Medical Documents Data Entry
• Offline Data Entry
• Old Books Data Entry
• Online Data Entry
• Research Papers Data Entry

Contact our customer support team to get your required Manual Data Entry or Automated Data Entry services at competitive prices from our expert data entry team. Manual data entry can be done in different file formats as per your business requirements, like Excel, TXT and PDF.

Automated Data Entry
Some data entry tasks require expert manual input of information to ensure accuracy in the work. Invensys Technologies is a specialist provider of Back Office BPO services, and provides automated data entry services for thousands of forms and documents on a daily basis for the satisfaction of global clients.

We are growing at a fast pace in the BPO industry. Outsourcing companies are equipped with the latest equipment and technology. The resources available in India are at a reasonable cost due to the large talent pool of automated data entry experts. Outsourcing your automated data entry services to India will save you time and resources. You can focus on business strategies or other activities by outsourcing manual data input services to Idataentry. We have been able to provide you with top-class quality results, high accuracy and timely delivery of results. Take advantage of low-cost automated data entry solutions offered by the talented data entry operators at our company.

Automated data entry services help any company to easily access their valuable information which is in a well organized format. Data entry work is a very complex task if it involves huge amounts of data. Creating a flawless database requires expert data entry operators who understand the needs of the company and work accordingly. Automatic data entry makes it easy for the company to get all the necessary solutions that help the company to work efficiently. When data entry work is done manually, there is a possibility of mistakes in database creation. If this small mistake is not detected, there can be a problem in business. This is the reason why experts recommend that automated data entry work should be done by professionals who can ensure the accuracy of their work.

Manual Data Entry and Automated Data Entry Process
• At Idataentry, we follow a specialized process to execute manual data entry or automated data entry services by methodologies and more techniques that help our experts to complete the work with high accuracy and faster turnaround time.
• We collect your work data and choose the best data entry job.
• We are experts who work with high precision and the best quality.
• We do manual data entry or automated data entry as per your business requirements and formats provided by you.
• We work with your management team to understand your database needs.
• Complete a round of quality check before final file submission to ensure error-free services.
• Our secure network will send you final files without data loss or damage as we serve customers with high security systems.
• You are free to ask if any minor changes are required at the last minute to get the desired result.

Benefits – Manual Data Entry or Automated Data Entry
Low-cost services are offered to save your money and you can invest it in other important work. Get the best in class technology at Idataentry. To meet the standard results for complete customer satisfaction. We have expert data entry operators to execute your manual data entry or automated data entry services with high efficiency and accuracy.
• Flexible staffing methods are available to efficiently execute your bulk volume manual data entry or automated data entry tasks.
• Our main aim is to have a reliable relationship with the clients and, thus, we provide a secure network to transfer files with privacy.
• Our company has a strong quality checking team to get your job done with high accuracy and make your database error free.

Industry Data Entry Solution
Accounting Data Entry
Amazon Data Entry
Book Data Entry
Document Data Entry
Image Data Entry
Insurance Claims Data Entry
Invoice Data Entry
Invoice Order Data Entry
Magento Data Entry
Offline Data Entry

Idataentry – High-Quality Data Entry Solutions
• Our company offers competitive prices for manual data entry or automated data entry services. Get access to trained operators with high experience and expertise in manual data input work.

• We provide a fast turnaround time without compromising on the excellence of our data entry work. Idataentry uses advanced technology to provide a superior quality database.

• We use secure FTP servers to transfer files for the privacy of your shared documents. We have flexible staffing systems to meet bulk volume manual data entry or automated data entry projects in a given time frame.

• Our customer support team is always available to solve your queries and problems. Free samples will be sent for your sample project before final work starts.

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