Image Data Entry

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Image Data Entry

In a business with a large amount of data in various file formats, it is obvious that you face a requirement in which you have to convert the data into a more reliable, efficient and manageable format. A good example is images that need to be converted to Word, Excel, TXT or PDF documents, and these images can be stored offline or online. Performing data entry work efficiently in-house can be a hassle for your valuable time and resources. Providing your image data entry or handwritten data entry services with us can get you efficient results within stipulated time frame.

Idataentry provides the data entry, web scraping and data cleaning services in the top largest USA cities, such as Houston, Phoenix, New York, San Antonio, Chicago, San Diego, Philadelphia, Dallas and San Jose.

Image Data Entry
To achieve the highest quality and fastest turnaround time, we have set quality standards, processes and practices that help us maintain accuracy even while working at high speeds. Our staff members are duly trained to provide error-free data typing services at reasonable prices. We handle all types of projects and you can send us your image data entry job requirements via email, request or social contact. Achieve higher core competencies by outsourcing the best image data entry services to our professional image typesetting operators today!

Image data entry entails converting scanned images into the format of your choice. At Idataentry, we help businesses manage their image documents and develop efficient and practical databases with our extremely high quality and cost-effective image-capturing services. We offer image data entry and handwritten data entry services, which include handwritten services, book entry services, image capturing services and image resizing services. We enter data from images in order of relevance, which allows easy referral and retrieval. Our comprehensive range of services also includes image data entry into spreadsheet services.

Data We Provide
We can provide the following services through image data entry:
• Websites, Directories Data Entry
• Booklets and Catalogues Data Entry
• Scanned Images Data Entry
• Handwritten and Printed Image Data Entry
• Image Data Storage and Retrieval Book Data Entry
• Legal Document Data Entry
• Image Data Entry
• Image Keying Data Entry
• Imaged Financial and Medical Records Data Entry
• Image Entry into Excel Data Entry
• Database Catalogue Data Entry
• Handwritten Data Entry
• Card Entry Data Entry

Are you finding the image data entry process time consuming and taxing on your team due to the amount of attention required to ensure accuracy? At Idataentry, we know that getting data through data entry services is easier said than done. Acquiring and analyzing images that contain valuable data demands a high level of skill. Sometimes, redoing the data entry tasks may require hiring more employees, which may put a dent in your revenue. Therefore, partnering with Idataentry for image data entry or handwritten data entry services helps businesses of all sizes overcome challenges, no matter how complex.

Handwritten Data Entry
Our skills are at par with dedicated data entry of handwritten images. Our process allows for a split screen for operators, with one half being shown for image capture and the other half being the input screen for the data capture step. The data was validated using various reference databases as well as human QC. At Idataentry, our professional staff can convert your difficult or handwritten images into a workable digital file such as DOC, Excel, TXT or any type of database file. We provide customers with handwritten scripts, invoices, financial documents, handwritten images, handwritten forms, materials not on standard sheets of paper such as small note pages.

Our professionals understand that handwritten data can be misinterpreted very easily. Thus by practicing smart administration of data during each of its stages, the data entered by our team remains of consistently high quality. Our expert data entry team has the capability to handle complex handwritten data entry projects and process large amounts of data in a short amount of time.

Extensive Handwritten Data Entry
Our handwritten data entry services include handwritten document entries, document data entry, and document scanning. We have a vast clientele spread across industries such as healthcare, education, media, legal, financial etc.
• Claim Forms Data Entry
• Medical Reports Data Entry
• Physician Prescriptions Data Entry
• Work Orders Data Entry
• Index Cards Data Entry
• Vouchers Data Entry
• Taxation Data Entry
• Financial Documents Data Entry
• Legal Documents Data Entry

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Legal Documents Data Entry
Real Estate Data Entry
Product Data Entry
Catalog Data Entry
Accounting Data Entry

Idataentry – Offshore Data Entry Services
Top Quality: We have been providing the best quality results for Image Data Entry or Handwritten Data Entry services to our clients across the globe.

Result: Our data entry experts are trained to provide high-precision data entry services at affordable prices.

Team: Idataentry has the technology and the best quality teams to provide you with high efficiency and reliable results.

Solution: We provide tailored services as per your business requirements without giving you any direct plans or deals for high customer satisfaction.

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