• High Data Security & Confidentiality.
  • World Class Quality and Accuracy.
  • Priority Services – Quick Delivery.
  • Lowest Possible Industry Rate.

Data Entry Pricing

  • Online Data Entry - 2-3$/Hrs.
  • Offline Data Entry - 2-3$/Hrs.
  • Excel Data Entry - 2-3$/Hrs.
  • Website Data Entry - 2-3$/Hrs.
  • XML Data Entry - 2-3$/Hrs.
  • Image Data Entry - 2-3$/Hrs.
  • Web Data Entry - 2-3$/Hrs.
  • Web Data Scraping - 2-3$/Hrs.
  • Web Data Mining - 2-3$/Hrs.
  • PDF Data Entry - 2-3$/Hrs.

Data Entry Services

Data Conversion Services

Quality Services Across United States.Outsource Data Entry, Scraping & Data Conversion

iDataEntry.us – India based data entry firm. iDataEntry.us is India based most trusted and reliable firm to outsource your data entry, web search, data processing, data conversion, data scraping, data extraction, handwritten data entry and data mining services. Outsource your work to us on info@idataentry.us and get your work done within your budget.

iDataEntry has come across the market to offer the most affordable data entry outsourcing services for local and international clients. We are trusted data entry company in the competitive but vibrant industry of data entry, data conversion, data mining and document scanning, with a wide client base that has depended on us for a long time to offer these guaranteed services at cost effective price.

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