Offline Data Entry

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Offline Data Entry

An efficient back end is a prerequisite for an efficient front end. At Idataentry, we do data entry from an ‘end-user and end-purpose’ perspective. We understand the purpose of data and what purpose your data should serve. Extracting meaning from large amounts of data is no easy task. It demands careful collection, organization and presentation. Our offline data entry or online data entry services follow a meticulous process to ensure a high degree of accuracy, speed and ease of understanding.

Idataentry provides Offline Data Entry or Online Data Entry services in top states of the USA, like Virginia, Texas, Georgia, Washington, New Jersey, California, New Mexico, Mississippi, Florida, Indiana, New York, Michigan, Illinois and Pennsylvania.

Offline Data Entry
Offline data entry means compilation of data as per the instructions of the client. The name offline is attributed to the non-use of internet services for the data collection process. Collecting client details and organizing them into a given format, sales data compilation, and data mining from surveys and forms are the most common data entry tasks performed offline. These days, the data recorded offline is organized using software and computers for easy management.

Businesses resort to data conversion and organization on a large scale for their effective use and maintenance, leading to a growing demand for data entry expertise. Although online sources have become more prominent for data capturing and compilation, the dominance of paper work in businesses and the sales process continues to lead to the demand for offline data entry services.

Offline Data Entry is a perfect match for your data entry needs. Today, many global businesses prefer to outsource their offline data entry projects. Idataentry is well equipped to handle large volumes of offline data entry projects at the best possible cost. Our qualified team of skilled data entry personnel is dedicated to delivering accurate offline data entry jobs to our worldwide clients at a stipulated turnaround time. We have the expertise to handle any type of offline data entry project.

Data We Provide
We can provide you with an offline data entry or online data entry:
• Insurance Claims Online & Offline Data Entry
• Property Lease Online & Offline Data Entry
• Data Collection – Offline Data Entry
• Databases – Online & Offline Data Entry
• Business Cards, Product Catalogs, E-books Online & Offline Data Entry
• Capture of Tax Forms Online & Offline Data Entry
• Medical Records Online & Offline Data Entry
• Invoices, Receipts, and Bills Online & Offline Data Entry
• Capture of Surveys Online & Offline Data Entry
• MS Excel and MS Word Online & Offline Data Entry
• Capture of Payroll Data Online & Offline Data Entry
• Mailing Lists, Subscriptions Online & Offline Data Entry
• Bill of Lading and Logistics Receipts Online & Offline Data Entry

Online Data Entry
As a business owner, you must constantly evaluate and re-evaluate the best strategies to be competitive in your chosen industry. Whether you have tens of thousands or a few million records to digitize and enter manually, Idataentry provides you with professional, accurate data entry services. Incorporating best-in-class technology, we currently handle over many documents in a year. We have been supporting companies globally with their data entry services for many years. With well-trained data entry experts, we guarantee accuracy in data entry, help you achieve greater cost-savings and make data entry outsourcing affordable.

When it comes to online data entry services, the first thing customers look for is accuracy and timeliness. Recruiting staff and adding the necessary infrastructure would prove too costly. Instead, outsourcing the services to a trusted partner like Idataentry would be an ideal solution. This is because we employ the best and skilled workforce in the industry who has all the necessary skills and know-how.

As a leading data entry service provider, we have the skills and experience to be your ideal data entry outsourcing partner. We provide honest and dedicated data entry experts having multiple domain experience. By utilizing the most advanced technology, we deliver high outputs in quality and accuracy. With strict data protection measures, and a restricted server and data access, we ensure complete data security. Outsource with us to experience cost-effective solutions and faster turnaround times. We provide a range of online data entry services that can be customized as per your business needs.

Online Data Entry Services
This service of Idataentry is for the customers who are in the field of e-commerce. We provide services such as updating catalogues, editing images, modifying information such as stock or prices, out of stock items, etc. Summing up, we update the database of online stores from printed and PDF catalogs.

• Image Clipping Data Entry
• Image Editing Data Entry
• Image Cropping Data Entry
• Image Retrieval Data Entry
• Image Capturing Data Entry
• Data entry of Scanned Images Data Entry

Key Areas of Offline Data Entry or Online Data Entry
• Idataentry provides a wide range of offline data entry or online data entry services for businesses of all sizes.
• Whether you are an individual entrepreneur or a large company, our highly scalable and flexible outsourcing model is designed to deliver customized services to you within quick turnaround times.
• Apart from English, we provide offline data entry or online data entry services in all major languages, including Spanish, German, French and many more.

Custom Data Entry and Multi-Process Management Services
Book Data Entry
Mortgage Claim Data Entry
Invoice Data Entry
Handwritten Data Entry
Document Data Entry
Bookkeeping Data Entry
Catalog Data Entry
eCommerce Product Data Entry
Real Estate Data Entry
Law Firm Data Entry
Healthcare Data Entry

Idataentry – Pay Only For Accurate Data
• We provide fast, speedy and accurate offline data entry and online data entry services are ensured every time.
• Our efficient and successful working model has resulted in a reduction in operational costs.
• Sound security systems that ensure a risk-free outsourcing experience for our customers.
• The ability to deliver high quality results in minimum turnaround time.
• A team of skilled workforce round the clock that can ensure the best possible resolution to your queries.

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