Updating Data on Website – Data Entry

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Project Title: Updating Data on Website – Data Entry

Project Description:
Please update and enter the list of projects, budgets for projects, vendors, and contact information for each vendor on our website.

We will provide an excel File that will provide the name of each project, name of each vendor, and all associated contact information.

From this file you will need to enter all the information into our website which streamlines the communication between different stakeholders.

There are no special skill-sets required to use our site as it is a very simple website to navigate.

Each screen simply has empty text boxes, similarly to an online application.

We will provide you with each web page needed to enter all necessary information from our excel file.

For similar work requirements feel free to email us on

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  • 5 years ago Arthur Green

    Looking to enter doctor’s data we have to our website that we are going to launch soon.

    We will send you entire database through FTP server. What will be your cost?


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