Scan Card Detail Data Entry into Excel

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Project Title: Scan Card Detail Data Entry into Excel

Project Description:
I am working with a scan card production company. The scan cards we have produced there are around 15 to 20 basic short fields capturing such as name, Mobile Number, amount, Date, Time, Voucher Number, Serial Number etc.

We would need the fields capturing for us and the data to be returned in Excel format. Does this sound like the sort of work you would be able to carry out for us? If so, do you have a basic idea of cost per 1000 cards and any other additional costs involved?

Finally, what sort of turnaround times would you take for entry of 1000 records and would you be available for an immediate start?

However, at the moment we would be looking to outsource approx 3k-5k cards per month. Are you able to enter this data in excel file?

I would appreciate if you could get back to me as soon as possible on this.

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