Scan and Enter Data of Books List

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Project Title: Scan and Enter Data of Books List

Project Description:
We are Publisher Company and we are interested in your book scanning service. How your service can assist us with the scanning and OCR process?

We would like to know how your service is priced. And are there any discounts when scanning large amounts of books.

We don’t know yet the actual amount of books we would like to be scanned, but it will be around a hundred books to begin with. But we cannot provide all the books in one time. So, general pricing information would be a great help.

Is it possible to make some sample of book where we can see scanned copy of one book, so that we can see the end result will look like? Once we are satisfied with your work quality, we will assign all books to you for conversion.

We would like to know how the scanning process takes place.

Do contact us for further details related to project.

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