Rebate Receipts Data Entry

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Project Title: Rebate Receipts Data Entry

Project Description:
We have large numbers of Rebate receipts as hard-copy in hand-written form. We need these to be entered to excel sheet.

We will send scanned Rebate receipts via FTP server to you.

There are unclear fields and formatting, non-unique fonts & font size of hand written details in the rebate receipts, which can increase human errors & misconceptions.

Receipts are not very clear and requires great amount of accuracy, ultimately increasing the time spent on each file to read, decipher & then key in data.

The project includes lot of financial information, therefore accuracy is vital while entering the data.

We will provide you the excel document along with the headers that we require.

For similar work requirements feel free to email us on

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  • 5 years ago Susan Foley

    I am having a huge bunch of scanned receipts which I need to get entered to an excel. Will you assist me? What is the cost?


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