OCR Document Scanning for Donors Database

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Project Title: OCR Document Scanning for Donors Database

Project Description:
To facilitate expeditious processing of donation forms by eliminating time intensive and expensive manual intervention.

You will have to use data scanning and OCR solutions for accuracy, high processing speed, simple deployment and user-friendly graphical interface to seamlessly integrate with local ERP systems and Microsoft SharePoint.

We will conduct several interaction sessions to clearly understand requirements and the layouts that needs to facilitate easy sorting.

Donation forms need to be broadly classified in five different formats with each format having the credit card and cheque variants to capture contributions meticulously.

Your state of the art OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software should be proficient in capturing data based on document classification, recognition of imprints; extracting the name, ID, amount of donation, method of donation, details of payment, validity span etc. from donor forms.

Donor database has to be set up and donor ID number comparing to be done against it to facilitate the creation of new account when the new donor is added.

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  • 6 years ago Peter Flanagan

    Can you tell me the rate for scanning the different Documents of our 500 employees through OCR?


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