Manual Data Entry & Database Building

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Project Title: Manual Data Entry & Database Building

Project Description:
We are looking for someone to help with various, large scale, manual-based data entry and database building projects for our research and events team.

The projects can be 0.5 day to 5 days in length.

As examples:
– Find ~1,000 executives that match specific criteria in LinkedIn and put their names and affiliations into an XLS spreadsheet

– Search for ~250 companies in an online information database and copy/paste specific table of data for each company into an XLS spreadsheet

– Look up ~700 executives in LinkedIn, identify current position and company, and input into an XLS spreadsheet

Our research and events team conducts unique projects for the senior executive leaders in business and tech.

There will be lots of project and we will have an on-going partnership with you.

For similar work requirements feel free to email us on

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  • 6 years ago David Walker

    Want to enter the data from hand-written documents to a word document. It has to be entered manually as scanning affects the quality and you will not be able to get clear about the contents.


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