Legal Data Entry

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Project Title: Legal Data Entry

Project Description:
We are working to back-fill historical legal documents for our clients. When clients come onboard, we ask for their historical legal documents.

These documents are from various sources – previous law firms, Dropbox folders, employee emails, and personal computers.

We have a created a software platform, that makes it easy to organize and rename these documents.

The role is to rename client documents in the software. We have a Machine Learning algorithm in the software that guesses the document type, date, and involved parties.

You would be confirming these suggestions and correcting them as necessary. This organizes the documents for our legal teams to quickly find while training the machine learning algorithm.

The software also scans these documents to be fully searchable by our attorneys and clients. This will be helpful when we roll out Records, file access and file storage solution, to all attorneys and clients.

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  • 5 years ago Richard Hofbauer

    I want you to enter data of Law Firms from a google sheet to my new website. Please note it needs to be added manually.

    The sheet contains data for all the cities but you’ll have to enter data for few cities: New York and Los Angeles.


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