Invoice Data Entry

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Project Title: Invoice Data Entry

Project Description:
We are a financial company based in California, US. We are seeking help with invoice data entry and are looking for a team that could complete our project quickly and accurately.

Actually, we are struggling with a high volume of invoices, which had to be processed quickly for day-to-day transactions. We need the invoices to be filed accurately to trigger the payment response so that our clients had the cash flow and liquidity they require.

A team would need to process invoices from multiple customers at once without any specific pattern which would help you in carrying out accurate data entry.

The invoices will be scanned and uploaded to the server. Often the scanned invoices would be unclear and reviewing the details would be difficult and required extra time.

There are many invoices to complete each day and completing them on time is of utmost importance.

Let us know if you can work on same and also provide price quote.

For similar work requirements feel free to email us on

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  • 6 years ago Kenneth McCallum

    We have invoices of last 2 years that needs to be scanned and uploaded to our database as we are now moving completely to the digital platform and from now all invoices to the customers will be sent through emails.

    Looking to your positive response!


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