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Project Title: Image to Text Conversion

Project Description:
I have 650 image files that are to be typed manually. I need people with good typing skills for this project.

There are approximately 60-70 lines in one image file. The typed file should be perfect and error free.

I will send you a sample for you to look along with detailed instructions to do this project. I have a fixed budget. Let me know, if you can complete this work within a timeline of 18 days. All pages will be sent once the project is finalized. I will work with you long term if you complete the project on-time and follow all the instructions.
Following are the instructions you will need to follow:

1) You need to deliver 30-40 pages daily no exceptions.

2) If you are failed to submit 30-35 pages daily I will cancel this project and choose other people to complete the project.

3) Payment will be made for every 50 pages completed.

4) I will cut $0.005 for every error found in the file.

5) If complete the project without any errors and on time I will give a bonus too.

6) Looking to finalize the project immediately.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me.

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  • 6 years ago Tony Nolan

    I have a bunch of company logos which are in either in jpg or png format. I need your assistance to pull off company names and industries to which they belong from Logos and get them to an excel sheet.

    Looking forward to your assistance.


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