Entry of Image & Description from Manufacturer Site to Excel

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Project Title: Entry of Image & Description from Manufacturer Site to Excel

Project Description:
We have a list of 5190 SKUs (attached in excel). We need to find images from manufacturer website and saved as .jpg.

We also need the product weight in pounds (if listed) and the product description copied from the item page.

The item and image can be found by searching for the SKU in the search box on the manufacturer website and then opening the pertinent item page that comes up.

You only need to save one image per item, and the top item image should be the one that is saved.

Some items may not show up on the website – you can just highlight these rows in red.

The image filename will need to be saved to match the SKU exactly, even if the original image filename is different. I.E., the image for item 10-2920 would need to be saved as 10-2920.jpg.

Please also copy the descriptions from the website into the excel document in the corresponding line under the column “Product description”.

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  • 5 years ago Manoel Gadi

    What price you offer for entering data from images to a Google spreadsheet? Please let us know.


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