Entering Patient’s Note to EHR System

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Project Title: Entering Patient’s Note to EHR System

Project Description:
Hello! We are multi-specialty hospital and have recently got our EHR system.

We have imported all those data that were in excel to the system quite easily but, we are facing issues with the data which are in word or notepad.

All those word and notepad are the patient’s note and the prescriptions. We want your help to enter these data to our ERH system.

The data needs to be entered manually to the system with perfect accuracy.

We will give you credentials and proper guidance on how to access EHR and enter the data.

For similar work requirements feel free to email us on

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  • 5 years ago Jud Smith

    Please give us price for entering our hospital’s data to our new website. Can you also share with us some sample from your past work?


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