Entering Notes to Contact Forms of Websites

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Project Title: Entering Notes to Contact Forms of Websites

Project Description:
Looking for someone to submit information on a series of websites.

You will work from a spreadsheet that we already have which contains a list of websites.

The steps you will have to follow are:
– click on the website link
– go to the “contact us” section of the website
– paste the note to their contact form
– click the send button

We will provide you the note that you will have to add to contact form. Also, the spreadsheet that contains list of websites contains the username and email Ids which you will have to use in-order to paste the notes in contact form.

It’s a quite easy job, just need to pay attention to get it correctly.

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  • 5 years ago Dave Miller

    How much time do you require to go through the list of 7000 websites for adding their “Contact Us” page link to my database and what is the rate of service?


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