Data Entry to Wave Accounting Software

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Handwritten Data Entry

Project Title: Data Entry to Wave Accounting Software

Project Description:
I am looking for someone to use data from a Google Sheet and insert it as an invoice or as directed into Wave Accounting software.

I will send you some data and you will have to enter the it to the software as a trial. I will pay you for trial period.

Incase, you have some queries regarding the data entry; I will be available to sort them and guide you.

Provide me your estimated cost per 100 record.

Continued work will be dependent upon the thoroughness and speed that you are able to add data into Wave Accounting app from the spreadsheet during a paid trial period. Thanks!

For similar work requirements feel free to email us on

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  • 5 years ago Karla Wiles

    My company has recently moved to an online platform and we need to enter physical receipts and invoices to our database.

    We have entered all other data that was digitally present with us. Will you guys help us? Please let me know the approach.


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