Data Entry of Sold Items from Pivot Chart to Excel

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Project Title: Data Entry of Sold Items from Pivot Chart to Excel

Project Description:
We have pulled out a data from proprietary software and exported it as Excel and Word file. The data in word file are the Pivot charts and are needed to be get down into the excel format.

We have pivot chart of sold items per month. Chart contains monthly sold Items ratio. We have 100 to 120 pivot charts of last 10 yrs and want to enter data into excel file.

This needs to be done manually as it requires a lot of attention to detail and mistakes cannot be tolerated.

We will provide you the data-field titles which we need from the pivot charts. Have you done similar projects in past?

What is the cost? Please provide the quote for one-time as well as daily.

We look forward to reading your proposal and will be in touch if we find it suitable. Thank you for your time.

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