Data Entry of Products from Facebook Ads

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Project Title: Data Entry of Products from Facebook Ads.

Project Description:
I have a list of 440 sites that sell various products.

I would like to complete an excel table with all necessary data from Facebook ads.

The Key things to note:

1. Only looking for ads with views of greater than 400k.

2. Note that the number of likes, comments, shares, views in the spreadsheet should be in thousands.

3. Please ensure column A – I should be filled with all relevant products.

4. Each Facebook page may have multiple products, please scan all and create a new row if you find more than 1 with the link in both (time-frame for ads only from 2018).

5. Some pages are unavailable so mark them as closed.

6. Some pages are operating but do not have ads that have greater than 400k views – Mark these as NME.

There will be a lot of follow up work after this if the working relationship is satisfactory.

Please reply if you clearly understand what to do. Also please quote with an hourly rate and the number of hours you anticipate that this will take (along with due date).

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  • 6 years ago Allison Xiong

    Give me price for collecting data from Facebook groups and entering them to an excel sheet. You will then need to convert the excel into a PDF format.


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