Data Entry of Product Catalog to Magento Site

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Project Title: Data Entry of Product Catalog to Magento Site

Project Description:
We are currently changing our website to run on Magento CE 2.2.x.

We have a large product catalog which we need entering into Magento 2 through the back end administration panel.

We will provide the catalog, guidance on categories and searchable fields, images and any other data required.

However, the product catalog is only available in PDF or printed format, so the information must be entered by hand.

Each item will also need to localized into different languages, these being English, Portuguese, French, German, Chinese and Spanish.

An estimation is that there are around 8000 products, but 5 different languages, which would be a total of around 48,000 product entries.

For similar work requirements feel free to email us on

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  • 5 years ago Roger Potter

    Interested in adding my products to the magento site.

    Let me know how you charge for this service. Is it per hour rate or per record?


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