Data Entry of Medical Trainees to Excel

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Project Title: Data Entry of Medical Trainees to Excel

Project Description:
Record the name, training year, and medical school (if listed) of medical trainees from a list of URLs provided.

Clicking on the URLs should bring you to a web-page with a list of current trainees (“residents”). Please copy the trainee’s full name into the corresponding column.

Also, please copy the training year listed for each person. Training years can often be found as headers above a group of residents.

Some programs include the trainee’s medical school under their name. Where available, please copy into the spreadsheet.

If the resident has a separate intern/first year listed by their name (will only be a small subset of residents in certain specialties), please record that in the appropriate column as well.

Be sure to copy over the program name, specialty, and ID numbers from the URL spreadsheet into your output, so that we can match it to our records.

If a resident is listed as “Preliminary” or “Translational”, please make a note of it in the subset column.

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