Data Entry of Math Questions with Solutions

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Project Title: Data Entry of Math Questions with Solutions

Project Description:
I have a book that have question and solutions and some manual solutions. I need a data entry person that can copy and past the questions and solutions with some laws to follow.

There should be 2 columns one for the question and the other for the solutions. Any math equations should be latex format (you can use math-pix to screenshot the equation and turn it automatically to latex format).

Any latex format should be in $$ brackets for example $$ latex code $$. In solution column any space between line of the paragraph should be in “p” tag and of any header should be in “h1” tag.

Any figures shouldn’t be put in the excel sheet. Just put the figure number. I need a lot of equations in little time so need people who can do it fast with accuracy. Let me know your cost for the same.

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