Data Entry of Marks to Google Sheet

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Project Title: Data Entry of Marks to Google Sheet

Project Description:
We have scanned copies of results from different classes in our schools. We need to get those results into a Google sheet.

We will send you the all the scanned copies of results and you will have to read them and enter it to the Google Sheet.

We need the data in following format:
– Make a different workbook for each class.
– For each workbook make a different sheet for each subject.
– Enter the marks of each student, each subject for whole academic year.
– List should be sorted alphabetically as per the student name(which will give same order of student in each class for every subject).

The data will be utilized for analysis purpose so please maintain the accuracy as a slight difference in data may lead to wrong analysis.

Hope the requirement is clear! If you still have any sort of queries feel free to ask.

Thanks in advance!

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  • 5 years ago Trevor Yuen

    We would like to get a quote on entering the data from PDF images to an excel sheet. The data contains the marks of students on a particular subject from different universities.


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