Data Entry of Invoices to ERP System

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Project Title: Data Entry of Invoices to ERP System

Project Description:
We need to find a better way to manage invoices from over 200 vendors who deliver over 20,000 products to our customers.

We will handle paper invoices manually, sending physical invoices to your department managers.

The first step in solving the problems is to implement Laserfiche as the company’s enterprise content management system, and to automate the routing and approval process, all the way through to creating transaction records in the company’s ERP system.

Implementing Laserfiche allows to automate invoice routing and approval and to streamline the filing and retrieval of invoices, receipts and orders, saving time and reducing effort.

The manual scanning and filing of documents and the manual entry of data in ECM and ERP systems will also be needed at some point.

Your system will need to capture invoice payment approvals digitally, either via email or the Laserfiche interface, then passes the data along to the company’s ERP system.

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  • 5 years ago Ross MacLeod

    We have scanned invoices for past 3 years and want them to be entered to a Google Sheet. Can you perform this task? Please let me know.


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