Data Entry of Handwritten Poems to Ms-Word

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Project Title: Data Entry of Handwritten Poems to Ms-Word

Project Description:
Transcribe my handwritten poetry and compile them into a document.

I’m looking for someone to get the poems to the word-editable format.

Most are Short and there are about 100 poems and need them to be transcribed at earliest.

I will want you to provide updates on your progress so I know it’s moving forward.

I note from one of your web-page below that you have been requested to provide a similar service already.

Can you advise about your approach of such a request?

For similar work requirements feel free to email us on

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  • 5 years ago Stephen Brodeur

    Enter handwritten articles to a word editable format. There are 35 pages that need to be converted. How much is the cost for the same?


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