Data Entry of Family Law Practice Manual from PDF to Word

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Project Title: Data Entry of Family Law Practice Manual from PDF to Word

Project Description:
We are having a manual of Family Law practice composed by different authors and so it has been styled in different formats.

The manual is in PDF format and has over 40 chapters running to around 3000 pages.

We want a consistently styled Ms Word Docx which then needs to be converted to PDF. We will let you know the exact style in which document needs to be formatted.

Each chapter needs to be a separately documented with footnotes, the various sections also needs to be styled so that they could be easily converted to Adobe.

You will have to do a proper quality check before delivering the output to us. And, you will have to deliver us both Word as well as PDF document.

Are you capable of handling this job with good accuracy?

For similar work requirements feel free to email us on

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  • 5 years ago Wat Hughes

    How much is the cost of entering the data from 30 law books having 400 pages on an average to a word document?


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