Data Entry of Books with Author Detail

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Project Title: Data Entry of Books with Author Detail

Project Description:
Hello, we have Online Library Business. We need your help to manage or book data.

We have multiple categories of books and we divided books in that category.

We want that you create a list of books by category and then enter book content with author details. You can convert books in word or PDF and store that file in it.

But please keep data accurate. So it will be easy to search any book by category.

Also you have to enter few more details of books into file so we can find book by publisher or author also.

Some fields which we want are as below:
– Book Name
– Book Content
– Category
– Author Name
– Publisher
– Year
– Edition
– Price

Can we get a sample of your work through email? How soon can I get list?

Which payment method you accept? Please tell me your rates and how much time you required?

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