Data Entry of Automotive Parts to Shopify Store

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Project Title: Data Entry of Automotive Parts to Shopify Store

Project Description:
The job is to add products to a shopify store.

The products must be added and categorized correctly as it is for a Automotive parts store.

We will explain how they need to be added, this includes writing the title in correct order as well as adding product images and including taxes on all prices if they haven’t already got included in them.

Under “Product Type” in shopify you will type in the car model, this is a little complicated as we need to make sure you are writing the correct model of car so it links to the correct page on the website.

Under “Vendor” this will be used for the manufacture of the product you are adding, this is straight forward as the tag is the same as whatever product you are adding, if any issues please ask or if we notice anything wrong we will let you know.

A good measurement to work to is around 40-50 products an hour, we will be able to check how many products have been added per hour via Shopify.

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