Data Entry from TIFF Invoices to Excel

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Project Title: Data Entry from TIFF Invoices to Excel

Project Description:
We are a logistic company and looking for a company who can enter data of invoices from TIFF files into Excel spreadsheet.

It will be a monthly service and we will send you around 1,000 TIFF files of the invoices, every month through FTP server.

Since, the input is in TIFF file, readability is a major issue. To address this challenge effectively, you will need to thoroughly review each TIFF file.

Can you provide us the price? We wish to see the samples too.

How much time would be required for entire data entry process? Please let us know.

For similar work requirements feel free to email us on

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  • 5 years ago Jeff Brine

    Data needs to be transferred from images to a word document. The word document then needs to be transferred to a PDF document. Please give me your price structure.


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