Data Entry from Graphs to Excel

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Project Title: Data Entry from Graphs to Excel

Project Description:
We are having the linear graphs of our different sales representative for past 4 years.

Each graph shows all 7 sales person of our company and total number of each items they have sold every month.

There are 4*12=48 linear graphs and I need your help to read the data from graph and enter it to an excel sheet.

The data of all years should be combined in to one single workbook which compromises of 4 different sheets, each for one year.

In-short, I want the graphical data to be transferred to a numerical datasheet.

Advise your price and time-line for project completion. Thank you!

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  • 6 years ago Richard Wastrom

    Do you have an experience in reading weather reports from pie-charts and getting them down to excel sheets?

    Let me your rate for this kind of service. Note that it will be an on-going and daily project.


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