Data Entry / Conversion from Handwritten Sources

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handwritten data entry

Project Title: Data Entry / Conversion from Handwritten Sources

Project Description:
Hello, my name is Mike Mumma and I am a Research Analyst for HRT Partnership. I am seeking information regarding your company to see if you are a potential match for our clients outsourcing initiative. We are looking for a company that can do data entry/conversion from handwritten sources. There will be approximately 8 million surveys per year and this will be a multi year contract.

In preparation for structuring our RFP here are the questions that I will need answered. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.

1. What is the size of the company (# of employees) and if you would need to add more employees to handle this request, how quickly could you ramp up?

2. Where in India is your company located?

3. What technology do you use? What is your process?

4. What is your pricing model?

5. Would employees be working 24/7 or in particular shifts?

6. Would you have particular employees working on this project alone?

7. What is your quality control process?

I will need the information back as soon as possible as it will need to be included in our RFP at the end of the week.

For similar work requirement feel free to email us on

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  • 5 years ago Caroline Sofiatti

    HI there!! I have 20 handwritten articles each consisting about 15 to 20 pages which needs to be entered to a word document.

    Do provide me a ball-park cost for your service.

  • 5 years ago Chelsea Robinson

    Do have an experience in converting handwritten journals and experiments carried out to an editable word document? I have a similar requirement to discuss.


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