Custom Document Search for Law Firms

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Project Title: Custom Document Search for Law Firms

Project Description:
I am requesting a ballpark quote for a type of job.

There is not a specific job involved. I am considering starting a business doing custom document search for law firms, on a consultancy basis.

In many cases, the documents sets to be searched are large and consist of tiff documents of one to two pages in length.

Let’s say and average page length of 1.5 pages per document.

Can you possibly provide a rough, ballpark quote, to which I will not try to hold you, for tiff-to-text conversion for, say, 10 million such documents? 100 million? 1 million?

Can you point me to (or possibly attach in your reply) a sample of the “before” and “after” document states?

For similar work requirement feel free to email us on

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  • 6 years ago Bill Arrington

    I want to enter the data of Divorce Lawyers from state-bar directories to a Google document. Give me your quote.

  • 5 years ago Avi Savar

    Can you copy the data of Law-firms from a CSV file and paste it to my web portal? Please confirm.


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