CRM Data Entry Service

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Project Title:CRM Data Entry Service

Project Description:
We have roughly 3,000 contacts that need to be put in a CRM. Most of these contacts have already been put into an excel spreadsheet.

We need someone to reorganize this spreadsheet so that our CRM can properly import the data. There are 4 different excel documents that need to be reorganized.

You will be working with our Brand Manager who will be overseeing your work and configuring the CRM.

Most of your work will be altering column names, and reviewing data to make sure things are in the right space, and formatted properly.

Is this something you’ll be able to do? Thanks so much for your help.

For similar work requirements feel free to email us on

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  • 6 years ago Richard Fox

    How much is the cost of entering the data of 7000 employees to our database?

    Data entry needs to be done manually as the data of employees are stored in different excels that first need to be merged and then entered.


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