Convert The PDF Tabular Data Into Excel

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Project Title: Convert The PDF Tabular Data Into Excel

Project Description:
I am having my data in tabular form stored in PDF format which I need to get transformed to an excel spreadsheet.

There are 10000 PDF pages which we will send you to convert into excel format and are supposed to be read carefully and entered manually.

The data is in tabular forms into PDF sheet revealing the information in regards to:
– Establishments
– Hands employed
– Capital
– Wages
– Materials
– Products
– Page numbers

There are many chances that while making the entry in numbers there are mistakes in the data entered so one has to be very careful while doing this.

There should not be any loss of information in the sheets since the statistical data loss will change the analysis.

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  • 5 years ago Dario Rossa

    Please provide me your cost to enter the details from 500 PDF pages to an excel sheet.


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