Catalog Data Entry to Excel Spreadsheet

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Project Title: Catalog Data Entry to Excel Spreadsheet

Project Description:
We are a leading online auto parts store in Canada. We are looking for the Data entry service for our catalogs so that, we can upload them to our new online store.

We want you to perform data entry into spreadsheet or you can say, product information data capture from digital (PDF) catalogs of different manufactures or suppliers.

Also, we are looking for a complete graphic support to enhance, crop and resize product photos before uploading them on online store.

We need the data to be accurate and precise. Can you do this for us?

What is your pricing structure? Do charge per record?

Get back to me ASAP with your price.

For similar work requirements feel free to email us on

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  • 6 years ago Donald Murray

    We are looking for partnership with an organization for our data entry projects. Our project differs very much from one to another.

    Can you provide your generic price structure to discuss further details?


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