Business Details Data Entry Service

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Project Title: Business Details Data Entry Service

Project Description:
Hi! I am in a need of someone to who can help me with data entry services. I have data sets of my business from which you have to enter that data in multiple files.

I need the data to be returned in Excel format. Does this sound like the sort of work you would be able to carry out for us?

If so, do you have a basic idea of cost per records and any other additional costs involved?

Finally, what sort of turnaround times would you take for entry of 1000 records and would you be available for an immediate start?

We would like to get the data entered to a Google Sheet which will be provided by us.

Before we start work together I want to see some samples of your work for review purpose.

Please let me know price for data entry work and what are your payment terms and policy? How much time you required?

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