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Project Title: Book Scanning Service

Project Description:
We are investigating the possibilities of setting up an electronic e-book publishing firm. As such I’m interested in your book scanning service.

We are still in a very early stage with our plans, but the scanning process is going to be vitally important. Therefore I would very much like to know if and how your service can assist us with the scanning and OCR process. So, to begin with I would like to ask some questions:

First of all I have to say that all the books are in Dutch, so the OCR software being used has to be capable of the Dutch language. So my first question is if this is possible.

Second, I would like to know how the scanning process takes place. Some services require to separate the pages of a book so they can be put in the ADF-feeder of a scanner. This approach is probably cheaper, but as a downside the book is lost in the process. Could you tell me how your service handles the scanning process?

Then I would like to know how your service is priced. And are there any discounts when scanning large amounts of books. We don’t now yet the actual amount of books we would like to be scanned, but it will probably be over a hundred titles to begin with. But then again I’m not sure we can provide all the books in one time. So general pricing information would be a great help.

And then last but not least, is it possible to make some proof of concept where we can have you scan one book, so that we can see for our selves what the end result will look like?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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  • 5 years ago Jason Victor

    I would like to transform my 15 books to e-books. Each book has 500-700 pages. Provide me your cost.


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