Cheques Data Entry to Excel Sheet

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Project Title: Cheques Data Entry to Excel Sheet

Project Description:
I am representing a Loan providing firm which loans on vehicles to their customers.

We are in a look for a company who can provide us with a service of entering the data of Cheques from our customer on a monthly basis.

You need to enter the Customer’s Cheque details like Customer Name, Cheque Number, Account Number, Amount, etc.

You will need to update it every month and also if a customer’s loan has been paid we need to move their data to paid section. In the similar way, you will need to add a new customer details.

What is your monthly cost for this service?

For similar work requirement feel free to email us on

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  • 6 years ago Alisa Aylward

    I am bidding on a project and am looking for a less expensive way of entering cheques details to excel spreadsheet.

    Is this you can do? What would be price quote?

  • 5 years ago Al Chase

    Please can you provide timeline and cost to enter the Cheques and Receipts data of our clients into a Google Sheet?


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