1500 Contacts Data Entry to Google Sheet

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Project Title: 1500 Contacts Data Entry to Google Sheet

Project Description:
1,500 contact’s information needs to be entered into a google sheet.

The name, email, and phone of contacts to be entered are currently in a back office website and I cannot bulk export the data, needs to be individually entered into google sheet.

After the 1,500 contacts are entered, there will be an ongoing weekly assignment of adding the new contacts from the week adding their contact info to the google sheet.

We are looking for someone who is familiar with google sheets, fast and accurate with data entry, and reliable.

Let me know your cost for entering the data of 1500 contacts at once and also the pricing for weekly service.

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  • 5 years ago Sondra Scott 

    Hi there, I would like to enter the data of companies from a PDF to a google sheet. Can you assist me with it?

    What is your cost for entering data per 1000 records?


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