Data Entry & Web Research Service

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Project Title: Data Entry & Web Research Service

Project Description:
We are a B2B platform helping buyers find the right suppliers. As part of populating our platform with credible supplier listings, we are looking for data entry professionals to scrape data and send it in excel file.

Nature of Work:
– PDF files that have the supplier company name and country will be given to you.

– You need to make an excel sheet with columns – company name, country, email ID and website URL. First two columns shall be taken from the PDF file given to you.

– To find email ID and website URL – you will have to search them through web. Do not take directories like yellow pages, yelp, etc. into consideration and look only for the supplier’s own website.

– Open the supplier’s own website and take the email address. If you can’t find an email address, please add the URL of the page where contact form is present.

– Look only the first three pages of Google search results. If you can’t find the supplier’s own website in the first 3 pages of Google, mention as N/A for that particular supplier.

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  • 4 years ago Rob Mee

    I am having a data file which consist of software company data. We are missing the address and employee size of the companies.

    You will have to research the company name in google or other b2b websites to get the required data and enter them to the database. Please specify your research and entry rates.


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